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What are Gratis Music Downloads?

Gratis Music downloads are music taken or downloaded legally from the Gratis Music Library. The Gratis Music Library is a website and company owned and run by composer Jerrold W. Lambert. Jerrold W. Lambert was involved in various films including "Torn Apart," "Heart of the Storm," "Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time," and "Three Days to Vegas."

Gratis Music downloads are available for TV, film, commercial, and theater producers to use. Each Gratis Music download costs a certain amount which depends on where it will be used.

How much is every Gratis Music Download?

Every Gratis Music download is priced depending on where it will be used, how many copies are to be purchased, and how long each score is to be played in a production. Downloads of Gratis Music that will be used for non-broadcast purposes are priced lesser than those for commercials and television shows. Downloads of Gratis Music that will be used for theater shows, movies and trailers cost much more than non-broadcast and broadcast productions.

What else can you find in the website for downloads of Gratis Music?

When you visit the website, you will find information about the company and the services they offer. Some of the services include music licensing, sound effects and musical scores editing, expert assistance or advise on the use of musical scores, and downloadable cue sheets. The Gratis Music downloads library also sells a special music playing and storing machine for the downloads of Gratis Music.

Other stuff you will find in the Gratis Music downloads website are information and brief biography of the composers, licensing information, sample cue sheets, and tips. For you to also be able to use or contribute scores, you must sign up as a member of the library.

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