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You know what the best thing about the music downloads? It certainly brings cultures together. Because of the availability of international music downloads, we are able to learn more about other nation’s musical background. One international music genre that’s gaining popularity via music downloads is African music.

Unlike the hip-hop and R&B songs of the African-Americans in popular music, African music is not heavily composed of “yo’s" and “shawty’s". African music is usually composed to accompany the important traditions and festivities of each tribe. The distinguishing factor of African music is the heavy incorporation of percussions.

Traditional African music has a close association with the rituals and lore of the African people. Africans always try to accompany their music to important events such as childbirth, hunting, festivities, and weddings. African music also has a sub-genre called Afro Pop. Afro Pop, which is the pop contemporary of African music, is a combination of traditional African music and popular Western music. The sound of Afro Pop is said to be the basis for newer music genres such as rock and rhythm and blues.

Examples of music websites or online catalogues that offer African music downloads include:

- South African Music Portal ( - African Drum Beat ( - Afrique Index (

You don’t need to travel all the way to the African continent just to listen and appreciate African music. By just visiting the above mentioned websites, you can download African music to your iPods or computers. So whether you like traditional African music or popular African music, you can absolutely find African music downloads all over the web.

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