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What is common among the music playlists of most Asian kids? Anime music, of course! Whether it is the Billy Crawford-sung "Pokemon Theme" or the Toshio Masuda-composed "Naruto" soundtrack, fans still can't get enough of anime music downloads. With Sailor Moon and Fruits Basket, anime music downloads have turned into digital essentials for the girls too. Despite the fact that the song lyrics are mostly in Japanese, anime music downloads are selling like hotcakes!

* AnimeOST (

The self-proclaimed #1 source of anime music download, AnimeOST houses an impressive anime soundtrack catalogue available for downloads. AnimeOSt, which was set-up by a bunch of college students, offers track samples from some of the most celebrated series and movies in the world of anime. Examples of top rated Anime OSTs are One Piece, Great Teacher Onizuka, Fushigi Yuugi, and Roots.

* Naruto Community (

The Naruto Community is a non-profit fan site that aims to satisfy the anime series' fans with news, interviews, reviews, and multimedia products. The anime music download offered on the website is not limited to the songs from Naruto. Other featured anime soundtracks include Ah My Goodness, Bleach, Eureka Seven, Gundam Seed Destiny, School Rumble, and Yakitate Japan.

* Gendou's Anime Music (

One of the best anime music download sources is Gendou's Anime Music. It is an online community that offers anime music downloads to its subscribers. If you're an eleven-year-old kid looking for the opening theme from Doraemon or a sixteen-year-old emo searching for the ending theme from Death Note, you will surely find your favorite anime music downloads all across the Internet.

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