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Welcome to! You have found our site for one reason, and one reason only – to learn how you can safely download your favorite music without worrying about breaking the law or infecting your computer with spyware, malware or viruses. To learn how Downloading Music has evolved continue on.

In January of 1999 a college student from Massachusetts named Shawn Fanning, created the revolutionary MP3-sharing program called Napster.  He was 18 at the time he developed the program, and today some see him as the most hated man in the music-industry. Some viewed Napster as an act of theft, and that anyone downloading music off this program was infringing on the artists, and companies copyright laws. On the other side of this argument others viewed Napster as another technical revolution of the Internet, and that downloading mp3’s off of Napster was not infringing on copyright laws.

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Since Napster had been shut-down a new phase of music downloading began and several popular new file-sharing services, like Bear Share and Lime Wire were based on the more evolved Gnutella P2P architecture. After even more lawsuits, the internet gave birth to the newest and safest way for users to legally download music. This process has become widely popular and is called the online music store, whereby songs can be downloaded for a price. In 2003, iTunes was the founder of the now ever-so popular legal digital downloads. Ironically enough, in some countries the sales of downloaded music has surpassed the sales of ‘physical’ copies. If at any point during your expedition through our site you have a question, feel free to visit our contact page and let us know how we can help as our staff is around 24-7 to answer any of your questions.

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